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Cryptogram puzzle game for Windows. The computer makes it easy to erase mistakes. Letter frequencies are provided to make solving more fun. Hints help you if you get stuck. Solve puzzles from books or magazines, create your own puzzles, and print puzzles. Complete on-line help, with a tutorial introduction. The registered version comes with over 14,000 puzzles to entertain you for years! See more at our web site:

Publisher description

Crypto! is a Windows version of the popular cryptogram puzzles often found in puzzle books and the Sunday paper. Crypto! selects a quote or phrase from its library of 50, encrypts it, and presents it for you to solve. Solving cryptograms with Crypto! is more fun because it is easy to try various letters and undo mistakes. Letter frequencies are provided, and there are various hints and helps to get you started quickly. You can also create your own puzzles, and you can print puzzles for others to solve. Complete on-line help is included, plus a tutorial introduction to get you started quickly. The registered version of Crypto! comes with over 14,000 quotes and phrases. Take a look at a sample at our web site:, or better yet, download the shareware version and try it out!

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